Trans Farm is a Finnish company specializing in cultivation, processing and sales of special crops, including oilseed hemp FINOLA. On this page you can order FINOLA certified seed.

FINOLA is one of the earliest maturing varieties of oil seed hemp and well suitable for northern growing conditions. FINOLA is grown for its valuable seed, which contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The seed is also rich in easily digestible protein. The grain can be further processed for human consumption and animal feed. The most common products on the market at the moment are cold pressed oil, dehulled seed and protein powder. These can be further processed into other products. The THC content of FINOLA is below 0,2 %.

For more information on the nutritional composition of FINOLA hempseed, click here.

Breeder: Finola Oy, representative: Trans Farm Oy


Country of origin: Finland
Germination, min: 75-%
Seed class: C
Bag size: 25 kg
Sowing density, recommendation: 25 kg/ha minimum, 30 kg/ha recommended


The pricing is based on the ordered quantity. Please use the form below for your certified seed order. 

25-50 kg: 11 Eur/kg
75-275 kg: 10 Eur/kg  
300-500 kg: 9 Eur/kg 
Over 500 kg: please inquire

Prices exclude freight cost or possible taxes. VAT tax of 14 % will be added to orders without a VAT tax number.

You will receive an order confirmation and then an invoice after we have received your order. Your invoice will include all costs for the seed, handling and delivery. Please, notice that FINOLA certified seed is only delivered to customers in Europe.

Pick up is possible for orders over 500 kg:s. For those organizing their own pick-up, a handling cost will be added. 

If you require any further information, feel free to contact sales@transfarm.fi 

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You will get an order confirmation and an invoice as soon as we have received your order. Freight cost will be added to invoice. Please, notice, that FINOLA certified seed is delivered only to European countries.